Getting a job in Australia

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Get all the facts about working in Australia, where and how to apply for a job, writing your resume  and preparing for job interviews in English including:
  • Your visa & work hours
  • Types of job
  • Skills & certificates
  • Job advertisements
  • Your resume
  • Job interviews in English
  • Taxation & superannuation
planning to work in australia?

Do you want to get a job while you're in Australia to support yourself while studying or to save for travel?

There are plenty of jobs in Sydney for students and working holiday makers. International students in Australia can work for up to 40 hours every two weeks. Working holiday makers can work for as many hours as they want. 
However, the process of finding work in a new country and a second language can seem very challenging.

This short course will help you to get ready to work in Australia even before you leave home and start looking for jobs that interest you. 
By the end of the course, you'll:

  • Know where to search for a job in Sydney
  • Have a great resume in English
  • Be able to describe your work experience and skills
  • Understand common interview questions
  • Know your rights and obligations as a worker in Australia
  • Be ready to find a job here

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